Boutique Instrument Hangers

Little Bear Woodshop

Regular price $33.00

Choose from four different colorways and step up your instrument storage with these beautiful and extremely versatile wall hangers. Crafted from solid hardwoods and featuring an adjustable hanger. Each arm of the hanger swivels, enabling you to set your hanger for the exact size of whatever instrument you need to hang. These hangers will fit electric/acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and just about any stringed instrument you can think of!

  • Tapered arms ensure that your instrument will never fall off of the hanger. Hanger arms are also covered in a rubber sleeve, so your instrument will never get scratched.
  • Each hanger is finished with a polymerizing (hardening) wax finish to ensure they’ll retain their beauty but be protected from fluctuating humidity and heat.
  • Each hanger comes with a set of mounting screws.